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 revision philosophy paper

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تاريخ التسجيل : 05/05/2016

مُساهمةموضوع: revision philosophy paper   الخميس مايو 05, 2016 3:40 pm

hello my name is Revan ,I have studied in philosophy class ,I will send the topic that I have submitted my paper to please just tell me if my paper has a philosophy spirit or not please in case you help me with this I will give you
the questions that confused me thanks                     A)To understand the connection between the person and their ground project depends on the action that person perform. The person is referring to the material object in which provide the idea of necessary relation between the personal views, project, and morality. While the person is a material object in which it is meant as personal agent. In contrast, the project refers to the link between the potential desires and personal interest. In other word, the personal desire the main causes of project by using the life worth.  In addition, the personal interest named as project because it is important in moral consideration which has lack of sense at end. One can only be true meaningful life if it comes from future by the personal motivation of desire. For example, a policeman is from middle income. He has dreamt to be a rich person. During he drives to his home from the jail, he gets a call from the family of a dangerous prisoner who is in the same jail the policeman work in. The call is about an offer from the family to the policeman in which he helping their son escapes from jail without any body known. On other hand, this service is worth two million dollars. His main concerns of the police man that someone catches him during escaping process the prisoner from the jail.  If someone catches him, he will lose his career.  In other option, if no one catches him during the escape process, he will get two million dollars. These personal decision are both of them handling a necessary option to his future. The motivation of desire has internal power to desire one toward what it is truly meaningful of his life.

B)     The person is really in significant criteria of situation because the person has to make a chose in either accepting the offer to have a two millions dollars that it is satisfaction his personal interest, or not to accept the offer because it may destroy his career for imprisonment of life. In this way, he will lose his potential of own desire. In the confusion of the option of this personal interest as the way of necessary to his future and the desire to his life without fairness. The problem is the personal desire more valuable than personal interest. The issue here is the person has a lack of consideration of the hindrance situation that the police officer has. The idea of moral principle can essentially involve the situation of right to be a rich as personal project. The composed of rational construction gives the agent with hoped by the money that earned will give him a motivation thought the money will not lead him to the jail.  The point might not be remained as susceptible to the logical possibility of reduplication, so identical to impetrate the issue of options that the police officer has to avoid imprisonment punishes as fine of his attitude.  The police office has necessity of motivation for keeping one of the option as long as having a more interest to the officer’s life.  The both of option functions have a kind of the interest to his personal concept of representing the interest to the police officer about himself.  

C)   Option that the officer takes to choice whether accepting the money from illegal way to pursue his dream, or not accepting the offer of the dangerous criminal be in the same statues just for avoid the prison. To make a choice as categorical imperative that it refers the both of the vital choices the policeman have. This reasoning what makes the policeman his life is worth.  The point is that the officer has nature selfish to maintaining his interest. It is the conflict between those to choice of the demands of an impartial of moral difference of these choice. For example, in case the policeman  choice the first option in which take the money ,and escape the prisoner from jail it is to particular consistent of the person interest because it has self- interest rather than the personal desire. In this way, the policeman uses the universal law formula to provide his interest to pursue his dream. The descriptive of moral imperative is the idea of self- interest of rational being on the rational agents of a principle of actions. While in case the person choice of not being bribe, he keeps his record as good as police officer that it also gives him some benefits for his morality. In this way, the police officer will avoid of being in prison. It may get a rewards because his acting of nobility is to be as good person. It may this choice have consistency of categorical imperative, but it may not be sure that the policeman will take a reward for his nobility acting. It does have more desires of life to engage his own interests.

D)   The officer choice is taking the money from the dangerous criminal as account of his career. Reasoning of choice the policeman is made because he has a big family. His salary does not cover all of his life expenses. He dreams to be rich because he needs to pay all of his debts. The police officer decides to sacrifice of his career as account of life desire.  Despite that, he knows all of the risk this process. In case the prisoner catches by other police officers during the escape process. The police officer will be in jail because of his dishonesty of his behavior toward prisoners. The police officer knows that he is doing wrong, but he decides to accept the risk as a way in which hopes his life getting better. To refer this categorical imperative of universal formula, the police officer allows acting of rationally of thought through the time that he makes of the important decision. While his side of accepting the money is wrong actually because he states his side of decision class as the choice matter.

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revision philosophy paper
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